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I almost forgot to put a link on here for my digital landscape project…which is here.
We were supposed to create a “landscape” however, it took me so long to get the hang of Dreamweaver that I didn’t put as many links and videos as I would have liked. I did a literal landscape with a cactus and balloon…because that’s the name of my blog and because “literal” is how I roll.

Also we were supposed to link to our favorite digital landscapes by classmates…I dig this one because its delightfully annoying and you can get stuck in it. That may not sound appealing, but I think it’s great…see it…here.


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Assignment #1

Our first assignment was to create a piece of digital art using a program that it not normally used for art.  For this I used Excel, a program I had never used before.  After many failures with the shape tools I reduced the size of the grid so the each rectangle was small.  I filled in the palate with secondary colors and selected rectangles to fill white to create the shapes.  Then I added a stripe in its complimentary color.  This created a more minimalist style.  Although I included all three experiments the green one that I did first is my favorite.

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