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This is a picture of me after I messed with it in photoshop.  I did this to practice for an upcoming project.


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Random Thing I Saw Today #1

I saw this guy wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Self Made Millionaire’…He was at a bus stop.  Yeah.

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I’ve created a blog…and I’m a little frightened

So now I’m finally blogging.  After resisting for quite a while, I’m now being forced to blog for a class.  I’m not a writer, never have been.  My journals in school never got past four sentences…on a good day.  I like to talk, but I have a tendency to ramble on whatever randomness is on the top of head or I get chatty when I have an opinion on something someone else says.  If I can’t talk to the person (they’re on T.V. or radio) then I unleash on whoever will listen, usually my husband.  (please take a moment to pity my husband…).  The point is that I use my mouth.

But writing requires at least some thought or planning and this is where I struggle. I’d rather doodle.

And, now here it is for all to judge me, to judge my understanding of basic grammar, to judge my typing and proofreading skills and to judge my wiggy thoughts and opinions. Show me mercy, readers…all one or two of you.  I implore you.

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