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I almost forgot to put a link on here for my digital landscape project…which is here.
We were supposed to create a “landscape” however, it took me so long to get the hang of Dreamweaver that I didn’t put as many links and videos as I would have liked. I did a literal landscape with a cactus and balloon…because that’s the name of my blog and because “literal” is how I roll.

Also we were supposed to link to our favorite digital landscapes by classmates…I dig this one because its delightfully annoying and you can get stuck in it. That may not sound appealing, but I think it’s great…see it…here.

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Last Project!

For this project, we had to create a piece of video art.  This is so not my thing, but it was kind of fun.  I took a couple of old videos from, one about not doing drugs and the other a weird animation about the U.S.A. that came out for the bicentennial in 1976.  I used Adobe Premiere Pro to do the editing.  I overlapped the video segments, changing their opacity and slowed the song down.  I like the way the two videos merged together.

View my video here:
Untitled from Shari Myers on Vimeo.

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Reading Responses #1 & #2

I have put this off for too long.  I’m not a big fan of writing, and actually, I have had a hard time digging this book.  Not because of Christine Paul’s writing or anything like that, but it’s not exciting to read about art that was meant to be experienced.  Alright, the opinion section of this is done…thanks for humoring me!

Chapter 1

This chapter goes through the various tools used in digital art such as photography, print and computer programs.  This chapters was beneficial in that we are shown that there are many ways to make digital art.  Very few pieces had used Photoshop solely, in fact many used programs created by the artist.

John Whitney

Also, the used of photography and print was very cool to see what could be done.  My favorite was where the artist removed the subjects from the photo.

Charles Cohen

Chapter 2

This chapter delves into installation and video art.  I have to say, after looking at many kinds of installations in all my other studio classes, I’m not terribly excited by it.  While there were some neat ones in the book, over all I find them a bit pretentious.  Sometimes it’s nice to see art that means something and is aesthetically pleasing, rather being created just to be the first to try some new thing. Sorry,about the soapbox…I digress.

All in all, so far digital art is not what I thought it was and even though the stuff in the book is not “my thing” I appreciate the creativity in exploring a new medium that all of the artists presented in the book have done.  Also, the examples in the books invite me to seek other ways to get to a completion of a piece and that there’s more than one to get the results wanted.

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Project #2

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This is a picture of me after I messed with it in photoshop.  I did this to practice for an upcoming project.

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Poster Project

Because the whole financial crisis, bailout, econmic armegedon thing has been in the news the past couple of weeks, I decided to address that, since my other ideas were too ambitious for my skills (or lack of).  I used the familiar Chance and Community Chest cards from Monopoly and added in reference to the bailout.  To get the images, I scanned in my own cards from the game, although in one I took out the Monopoly guy and added in the logos of the failed financial institutions.  I typed in my own text, similar to the phrasing on the cards and tried to match the colors and fonts. I also gave each one a little texture to emulate the worn out cardstocky-ness that my game’s cards had since they’re a little old.

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